Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi all there in 'e' world,
It's 28th January 2010. It has been a while since my last entry, one month and one day to be precise.
So much has been happening, but sad to say nothing on the magpie or fudge front. Been on holidays, lots of reading, swam lots and a little embroidery.
Now getting back into the swing of life back in Melbourne. Start back at Eliza's Craft & Wool in Mt Eliza next week teaching embroidery, looking forward to that.

I must say I have been in a state of confusion re my private embroidery teaching, seem to be getting doors closed in my face.... not sure why, maybe at the moment I need to concentrate on my time at Eliza's and the items I create for them and put my own teaching on the back burner and wait and see what my higher power has instore for me. 'When one door closes another one opens' I just have to keep reminding myself of's also 'progress not perfection'.

I had a bad night sleep last night and woke up at 3.45am (must have been all that chocolate I ate yesterday to make me feel better) I'm still awake its now 11am, but I have been quite productive. I finished one of my knitting projects (working on a few 3hr embroidery/knitting projects for a retreat in June for Eliza's) and wrote the instruction sheet for it..mummm very impressed with myself. It's amazing what you can do when pushed by adversity.
Coming up with embroidery ideas with insects..I love embroidering insects - dragonflies, ladybirds, snails, bees, butterflies and the occassional spider all of this before 9am actually.
Two more projects to finish today, then I will get back to my 'Magpie' project.

As far as the fudge goes, at the moment it looks like it will stay as a hobby, making it for friends and family as gifts. Too hard basket to get our kitchen altered etc to establish a registered kitchen for health dept. It's only on hold not eliminated. So if anyone out there can give me any idea's.... let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in Love and Creativity xx J-M

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