Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hi everyone.
Well it's my 56th birthday today and I have had a sensational day.

Henry and I started with breakfast in Port Melbourne on Station Pier at Campari with Lucas my step son, Sunny his girlfriend, Bev, Don, Sunny's parents and Rod Sunny's brother. It was beautiful sitting on the decking overlooking the water, a mild morning.

Had dinner out last night also for my birthday with Shirley my sister-in-law, Wally brother-in-law, Elsa mother-in-law and of course Henry.

I have received some amazing presents, but the one I want to talk about is to do with my original inspiration to write this blog. At High Tea this afternoon with my Mum, sister Sue and best friend Ellen her husband Craig and Henry I received the cook books by Julia Child "Mastering the art of French Cooking" How amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will also revisit the movie for further inspiration.
I love cooking and I will now endevour to cook as much from these books as possible.

The movie and of course the cook books were my inspiration to get active and write this blog and to follow my dreams and make them a reality.

My Fudge adventures have been progressing rather slowly. I have been trying to source a kitchen to be able to set up for my fudge making adventure, but all toooo expensive. I may just have to do some cahnges here in our home.

I have been making so much fudge for christmas gifts, and it has been accepted with much pleasure from the recipients which spures me on even more to get into production.

I have also progressed a little with my 'Magpie' embroidery project, it is looking great.

I certainly feel very fortunate. Along with my gifts from here my o/s best friend Teresa sent me some beautiful earings...two pairs one for christmas another for my birthday plus other things for Christmas.... how fortunate am I to have such special friends in my life.

Enough for today I'd better sign off and go and talk to that wonderful husband of mine, who has made this day so special. xx love to all J-M

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome, seems like I deleated my opening comments...hopefully I will get use to using this technology.
I will try and remember how I started.
I was watching the movie Julie & Julia a few days ago and was inspired by there passion. Julia for her passion for cooking and writing a cook book and Julie for setting a time limit and achieving her goal, plus entering her endevours on a blog.
I also love the movie Chocolate for her passion for chocolate, making it and selling it to people for their sheer enjoyment and to totally indulge themselves.
The third movie I love is Field of Dreams. The line I love the most that inspires me is "If you build it he will come".
So I thought I would write a blog about my Creative Life and what inspires me..
I am passionate about hand embroidery and making chocolate fudge. I am also passionate about other area's of my life, but this blog is about my creative journey.
You will see and read about my current embroidery project, you will be able to follow its growth. 'The Magpie' this is a thread painting of a magpie I have been feeding for years. I take so many pictures of her and thought it's about time to embroider her and sell the finished project.
I am also starting a new business venture, making my yummy and very popular chocolate fudge.
I have been making this for family and friends for years and have been encouraged to make it to sell. So here I go................. you will be able to read how this is progressing, my highlights and hopefully not too many lowlights.
in loving creative spirit Jan-Maree

Hi, back again.
that wonderful husband of mine just helped me attach my photo. I'm ok with computers, but he is great.
Going off to the women's prison in Deer Park called the Dame Phillyis Frost Centre. I go there once every 6 weeks on a roster to do some voluntary work with women wanting to recover from alcohol related issues. Very rewarding.
Very excited to have my blog up and running, you will not only see my embroidery but alot of my activities also. Have a great day, it is actually Sunday but as this blog site originates in the USA it is on there time. xx love J-M